Juicing – a vibrant, tasty, purifying way to get rid of your ‘ugly’ produce and load up vital nutrients in one fell swoop!




^ My favorite combo would have to be kale, cucumber, apple, parsley, ginger, carrot, lemon ^


^ spinach, kale, apple, carrot ^



^ romaine, carrot, apple ^

^ beet, apple, carrot ^

    What’s your favorite juicing combination?
    A great one that yields an APPLE CIDER taste: apples, romaine, and a dash of cinnamon for garnish!

Throughout the blossoming juice craze, there have been many testimonies singing praises about its revitalizing, enzyme harnessing, weight loss, cleansing effects as well as plenty of claims of nausea, lethargy, and stipulation about the raw benefits juicing is proposed to yield.

Two things!
1. Nausea and lethargy are most definitely expected within the first 3 – 7 days of your juice kick.
Shwhy you ask?

“Why You Feel Tired
According to Dr. Stanley Bass, founder of the Life Science International Fasting Center, it’s completely normal to feel tired and weak at the beginning of a juice detox or juice fast. If your regular diet is full of sugar, caffeine and preservatives, your body is in a state of constant stimulation. This stimulation is what causes you to crave sugar, salty snacks or caffeine during the day. When you feel tired, you reach for a cup of coffee or a candy bar. In the first stage of a juice diet, your body is telling you how tired it really is, and how hard it’s been working to keep up with what you’ve been putting into it.

– Combined with the caloric decrease for your *brief detox, your body is merely adjusting to the cleanse and will utilize all the pre-existing nasties stuck in your body before it starts running on the anti-inflammatory/purifying/antioxidizing properties of your juiced fruits and veg.
*please do not bite off more than you can chew! Err…take swigs of. It’s far more beneficial to juice for short periods of time like a weekend or a week throughout the year than for say, month chunks! You’ll be able to hang in there and benefit from these bursts of clean. Think of it as making attempts to go to the gym/get active – it’s better for the bod to get 30 minutes of light exercise PER DAY as opposed to 60 minutes of high intensity ONCE A WEEK. That kind of analogy!

2. The benefits are definitely there – IF the cleanse is well executed (this rule applies to everything from going vegan to having a boyfriend – you’ve gotta do your share of research for the “thing” that suits your needs the best, fits your lifestyle, demands the amount of time and attention you’re willing to pay, and is a sincere endeavor so that you may live for it wholeheartedly!)

“Juice Fasts Aren’t Necessary

According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, your body is already well-equipped to flush out toxins via your kidneys, liver, and skin. Cleansing diets that claim to remove “bad” toxins from your system may remove or even deplete your intestines of healthy bacteria required for healthy functioning.
Net Places

– Like I said, don’t be extreme about this because it’s not meant to be a mind-over-matter-Buddhist-monk-walking-on-hot-coals ordeal! I agree that during multiple week stints that there is a chance of reduced gut flora due to a lack of fiber. Short yearly intervals are all you need. But I’m going to counter what this statement claims because from a nutrition standpoint, the healing properties and amount of fluids consumed are in fact tried and true cleansing agents. And if our bodies are really “well-equipped to flush out toxins” so efficiently on their own, then why do so many of us suffer with kidney failure, liver failure, and too frequent breakouts past puberty? Stress may play a large part in the latter BUT I’ve witnessed many accounts where skin starts loving its owner again! I’m not trying to advocate any hippie shit here, seriously, I get annoyed of whimsical explanations from either side of the fence.

– While juicing is not necessary, it sure does not do harm and makes for an uplifting experience to be on pure colorful liquid vitamins for a few days.

  1. Anna said:

    Asdfsbhjbs the colours of these juices are unbelievable!! You’re making me REALLY want a good blender – my food processor (much as I love it) doesn’t have a blending attachment, so when I try to make green smoothies, say, I end up with a sort of shredded soup? Yeah… it’s weird.

    • n e c e s s e a t i e s said:

      Thank you! The instagram filters have a lot to do with their appeal hehehe but the first smoothie is made with a magic bullet blender (the tiniest, individual sized portions) and the rest are done with a Hamilton Beach juicer which is not the strongest so it’s totally doable! But hey with your blender’s shredded soup abilities, you could make some really satisfying…soups! Mine couldn’t do that if it tried! But anywho, thanks for reading ^_^

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