Field Roast-est with the Most-est

Reason #1 why I don’t miss meat: Field Roast — from their stellar ingredients and nutritional profile to their very convincing (yet appreciable as a separate entity) resemblance to meat!


The Apple Sage Sausage nestled in a chewy whole wheat, slightly sweet, sesame seed encrusted bun, topped with spicy brown mustard (a rogue smudge in the top left corner), a stripe of ketchup, and sweet pickle relish, plus some pea shoots for a fresh crunch

The Wild Mushroom Quarter Loaf, sliced and pan fried, served with some grilled red onions, fluffy quiona, my mom’s amazing wok tossed broccoli and garlic, and a simple spinach and red bell pepper salad with our household shallot vinaigrette (recipe soon!)


The Lentil Sage Quarter Loaf, sliced and pan fried, on top of a mound of literally just smushed sweet potato (keep the skins on!), and some pretty sauteed spinach, mushrooms, and garlic draped along side

The Field Roast brand products:
– Have a toothsome texture that beats the occasionally rubbery seitan (a rant about ersatz meats to come)
– Deep/complex/and downright savory flavor profiles, largely due to their utilization of actual herbs and aromatics (not just the dried powder kind), veggie pieces such as eggplant and sun dried tomato, and zesty vinegars/acids/wines
– Terrific browning in the pan, sometimes I get a crisp edge mmm ❤
– Minimal processing! Get out of here soy protein isolate
– High in protein (i.e. 23g for one sausage link, boooom)
– Decent amount of iron (i.e. 10% of your DRI in one sausage link)

Albeit, they're pretty pricey, going at about $6 a pop at Whole Foods, they're more than worth the splurge especially during holiday dinners where everyone is having the turkey and you're having the sage rubbed, roasted butternut squash filled, super wholesome and cholesterol free Celebration Roast (what's up every Thanksgiving since '08)

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