Well this is awkward…

A year and a half later and here I am!

Sad to say that my only motivation to get back on here was for Katie’s Larabar giveaway !

And I have a killer recipe for you too…not so many pretty pictures though (je suis désolée), I just slurp these way too quickly every morning (for the past 12 days) ever since school started.

The All Encompassing Chocolate Chia Shake!

Into your Magic Bullet will go:

2 Tbs Chia Seeds — I use Ruth’s Hemp Chia Goodness original flavor (comes with hulled buckwheat, shelled hemp seeds, and Celtic sea salt 😮 )

1 Tbs Cocoa Powder

1 Tbs Dried Coconut Shreds

3 Dates — I use Whole Food’s Deglett Dates, obvi use less if yours are bigger etc etc

1 cup or so of Non-dairy milk — varies according to your preference in texture

1 tsp Maple Syrup

2 Ice cubes — *only if you didn’t make this the night before like I do!*

whirl whirl whirl whirl whirl and prepared to be pleasantly satiated for the next 3.5 hours! Not only does this shake wake me up with it’s slight caffeine boost but it keeps this machine going for a while! And it tastes like either thinned out pudding or a malted chocolate milkshake.

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