HOLY CANOLI I HAVE OH SO MUCH UPDATING TO DO! It’s completely unfair that I update like every oh I dont know, 22 days?! Seriously I’m quite the slacker. But I come to you with bucketfuls of happenings, food photographs, and quick recipes (and two reviews!)

First off, I completed my sophomore year! It’s time to start contemplating and mapping out my future…agh. Thus far, I’ve considered:

Broadcasting/Traveling TV Host

Creative Director for Commercials/Photoshoots,

Modeling (yes!),

Makeup Color Namer (oddly specific…)

Secondly, I watched and thoroughly enjoyed THE HANGOVER.

Alan and Carlos

Alan and Carlos

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that movie! It flowed so well, accompanied by great, natural acting, and outstanding dialogue. Seriously, I felt like I’ve said some of the insane things that they’ve said before. It was so naturally hysterical! And I’ve discovered another Hollyhood crush: BRADLEY COOPER (not pictured)
[**flashback edit (3/25/12): HAHAHA oh my god, I gave that movie WAY too much credit!]


Thirdly, everyone’s heard that one catchy iTunes commercial song yes?

Goes a little like….

YEAH! I saw Chairlift at the Getty FO FREEEEEEE! And even better, they were stupendous live as opposed to your headphones.


Fourthly (I know, it’s getting ridiculous!), I got a new phone! The LG Xenon, das my baby!


Fifthly (please don’t shoot), I MADE PBU!

My Lil PBU and her proud parents

*(For a lite take on Dark Chocolate Dreams pb [although I could never afford to buy a jaar waaah :(], blend in carob powder OR sub Chocolate Almond Milk for the regular kind!)*

EMILY, YOU ARE A DIVINE BLOGGESS (Bloggin’ Goddess) AND I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE MET YOU :]! Seriously, from her Edible Mathematics to her eloquent language, she’s certainly one to check out!

I eat dat shit straight UP


I’m through with these chronological adjectives, REVIEW TIME BABIES!

Organic Vegan Rice Cheese by Galaxy Nutritional Foods

Organic Vegan Rice Cheese

Uhm….maybe I had my hopes up but guys, this doesn’t taste or feel (in your mouth) like cheese….

Uncooked: gritty/grainy, no nostalgic tang, off stink smell

Cooked: better texture, flavor melded with accompanying foods, less stink, still no tang or delicious saltiness.

I applied my samples to:

Express Vegan Philly Cheese Steak

Express Vegan Philly Cheese Steak revealed

Vegan Philly Cheese Steak!

Made the express, afterschool dip in energy, must consume everything way of course

  • 2 slices of your favorite bread (Sesame Ezekiel) cozying up in the toaster
  • Small handful of frozen tri-colored peppers and onion slices sauteeing in a pan
  • Philly Steak flavored Tofurky warming up in the pan as well
  • Add Tabasco/hot sauce to your veg and ‘steak’
  • Nab one of your toasted breads, scoot your veg and ‘steak’ off to another side of the pan, place bread in pan and lay a Pepper Jack cheese slice on it
  • Lid your pan and anxiously wait for 2-3 minutes
  • Pile all the sauteed goods onto your cheesed slice and top it off with the other piece of bread

Et voila! You have a very speedy philly cheesesteak sandwich.

And I revived a classic…

Cheesy Toast

Cheesy Toast, or at least a classic in my house. I remember the browning, crisp edges of cheese that would drape over the warm, crunchy bread.

Cheese PUFF

Cheese PUFF, literally….that was completely unexpected. It’s like the cheese slice acts as a pregnant sticker on my Ezekiel 😡

BUT, if you happen to love the flavor, texture, and overall being of Rice Cheese, here’s my method of making

Cheesy Toast

  • Bread + Cheese + Broiler

TA DA, and that is it! The timing may vary from broiler to broiler, mine took about 2 minutes, 1 minute per rotation of zee toast.


Acai Purple Drank

Oh lala, my nailpolish happens to coordinate with this lovely drink!

I could seriously go on and on about this product, it’s creamy WITHOUT MILK, it’s sweetened with AGAVE, and it tastes like berry NECTAR. The lovely acai contains not only fiber, vitamins, and all that regular fruit business, but PROTEIN and OMEGAS as well! It’s smooth, dark lilac, and can do wonders for the bod.

*Try mixing some into your applesauce, IT’S THE BOMB*


Which brand of alternative cheese do you prefer?

If you’ve aspired or accomplished any of my desired career paths, where are you now and how did you get here?

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  1. Natalie,

    WOWSER what a great post. Pbu!!!!!!

    In response to your question-

    The pesto I used is made from my almost no fat pesto recipe that subs a ripe tomato for ALL of the oil. If you use nooch instead of parm. it’s 100% vegan and 100% fat-free! Yay! You can find it right here:

    You live in So-Cal? We should get together before I leave for RISD… Shoot me an e-mail if you’re up for it!

    With Love,


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