Express Bacun Crispies

I’m probably gonna have to that renamed because it doesn’t quite flow well (suggestions?)

But, I have found a cheap, SPEEDY GONZALES, tasty way to make bacun!

“Needs A Better Name” Bacun

-Favorite Tofurkey/LightLife/Yves slice flavor (I used Hickory, Peppered, Philly Style Steak Tofurkey and LightLife’s Smart Deli Bologna [since LightLife’s texture is different, it faired MUCHHHH better])

-1/2 tsp sugar, agave syrup, or maple syrup (certainly optional, but they impart a better caramelization, crisp crust, and maple smoked bacon flavor!)

-half a capful or 2 drops of liquid smoke (also optional but it REALLY sends the whole hickory/maple smoked flavor home!)

1. Heat your pan on medium high for around 3 minutes, reduce to medium heat and spritz /lightly drizzle with oil

2. Cut the Tofurky slices into strips or go North of the border and keep em round and add to pan, they should make a satisfying, nostalgic, bacon frying sound when they hit the pan

3. Let them hang out for 3-4 minutes, then flip

4. Once flipped you can add your sugar/maple and let that go for 2-3 minutes


  • Though I must warn you, if you see any BLACKENING, browning is fine but, BLACKENING, the bacun will taste like shit as the strip is thin and will be completely burned all the way through (ick). I still highly suggest using the maple syrup although it can encourage burning/blackening if left unwatched or if added way too early!
  • If you add enough oil/sugar (more oil mist if not using sugar, but use a regular amount when using the sugar) or cut the strips small enough, they should be crunchy and the perfect company along side (or crumbled into, MMMMMM) a Tofu Scramble!

If you’re down for a second breakfast like Katie (and I so usually tend to partake in), check out her MixMyGranola giveaway beezies!

  1. Celine said:

    easy and delicious? I’m all for it.

  2. Wish they had more products like this in the UK. It is hard to find anything vegan here!

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