Sick as a dog

Hahahha, ouch it hurts to laugh 😦 It also hurt to cry this morning because I was in so much pain.

Since yesterday, I’ve been suffering from nausea, tension headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, and handicapping body aches. I think you would call that the flu right?

I believe it all started when I had to speed eat my soy yogurt parfait (and yes, NO MORE MILK YOGURT FOR ME!!! woot!) that morning before school. My mom wouldn’t let me eat in our new car. And I am renowned for my slow but extensive eating, so it was a hard enough feat for me. When I got to school, I ran to my class on account of my tardiness. After, I had some of my friend’s Kettle Chips, known for their thick hearty cut and oiliness (ok ok, you can argue that since they use very healthy oils that the more the merrier. Ahhhh not an hour after I ate them…) right before ballet.

Then, the nausea set in. I was stupid enough to think, “Hmm, maybe eating a little something will alleviate this” *dives hand into chip bag*. Boy, am I ignorant! Oil, fatty foods irritate upset stomachs even more! That’s why you don’t eat carnival food at carnivals!! Then again, I never have chips or heavily oily business hangin around my kitchen (no one in the house craves it, go figure) so I thought my body wasn’t used to it. And the reason why I didn’t eat from my own lunch was because I had a cup of soup that I would have to heat water up and wait for, and it wasn’t exactly convenient at the time.

Shit, I felt so terrible. I kinda teared up when I was sleepily telling my math teacher that I need to sleep through her class because I was nauseous and couldn’t concentrate. For some weird reason, I always get emotional about my medical well being. It’s hard for me to talk about pain or injuries or illnesses I’ve experienced probably because I remember them so vividly. I don’t know :/.

Then I had to wait an hour for my mom to pick me up from school. I was toiling in the blaring sun in my jeans, lying on the sidewalk because I was too sore and unsteady to keep myself up.

I HATE BEING SICK! And my friend always tells me to get blood tested because her mom thinks my liver doesn’t work! Can anyone clarify that with me? I have a pretty squeaky clean diet and get my physical activity in 4-5 times per week. Is there a doctor in the house?

But, my main reason for posting this was to ask: What foods are ok to eat when you are nauseous? I had no appetite yesterday but I’m regaining it as we speak. I heard crackers and shit work, but I don’t have any. I’ve tried eating small amounts of multigrain bread, naked pasta, rice cakes, and bananas. But they all leave really really terrible after tastes in my mouth. Help me out here, I’m starvin 😦

  1. aw girl, you sound really sick! I really think you should see a doctor 😦 I hope you feel better soon though!

  2. sweetkaroline said:

    Salut Natalie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m so glad you found it entertaining:)

    I’m sorry you aren’t feeling very well…I think I did the same thing as you today…way too many oily foods (but it was olive oil so that was healthy right haha) and I feel sick right now.

    I don’t know what to tell you about how to make you feel better. Could your stomach be upset because of stress? Ginger is a natural nausea tamer so maybe you could make a simple stir fry with a bunch of ginger?

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