Shot Through The Heart

Except no one’s to blame or gives love a bad name!

Yesterday while I was out at a party, my mom stopped by Costco (<3) and purchased a MAGIC BULLET with a $10 off coupon!

This baby came with:
2 types of blades Cross and Flat for CHOPPING and BLENDING or WHIPPING and GRINDING (hmm kinky?).
A Tall and Short cup for assorted amounts of liquids/solids
5 “Party Mugs” with colored lip rings (rave!)
Shaker/Steamer Tops so you can microwave steam your vegs before you blend them or after finely grinding mixed spices you’re ready to roll!
And your standard Blender cup except minimized.

I recommend this for people who don’t own cutting boards or knives and entertain frequently. I’m afraid of using this so often because I’ll become lazy or forget how to julienne or something! But it does make up for a very breezy cleanup.

  • I chopped some macadamian nuts with it for my TropicOats this morning.
  • I whirred up some chocolate protein powder + 1/2 banana + almond milk in one of the “party mugs” then froze it for an hour and got ice creme 🙂 very convenient

I definitely have more experimentation to do, but I still want to invest in a VitaMix or the other brand that’s basically the same but shorter and white with periwinkle colored labels (sorry, that’s all I remember from this one Costco demo!).

Downside to this contraption, it overheats after a minute and you can smell that weird motor-y aroma. Very scary and potentially hazardous to my health!

  1. Ricki said:

    Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for reading!

    Like butter, coconut oil is a stable saturated fat and is the best oil to use on high heats. From what I understand, however, baking is a different type of heat. In my correspondence with the Flax Council of Canada when I asked a similar question about flax seeds (since flax oil can’t be heated on its own), I was told that the oven temperature doesn’t necessarily reflect the internal temperature of the baked good. In other words, the 350 degrees is a measure of the air in the oven, but not the temperature of the cake (which is lower). While I’m not an expert on coconut oil, I would guess that the same principle applied there. You’ll find that most holistic nutritionists recommend coconut oil for baking.

  2. jd said:

    One of my friends has a Magic Bullet and she just loves it. However, I had no idea it came with all of those different choppers, etc.

    That’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

    PS Your post title totally got that song stuck in my head 🙂

  3. hey Natalie! I have a magic bullet and love it! It pretty handy for whipping up a lot of different things. I love it because I don’t have a blender to clean up afterwards! Thanks for the ice cream idea, I am definitely going to try that!! I am an ice-cream fanatic so this sounds perfect for me!

  4. Celine said:

    my magic bullet had a very short life. but it lived it well, so I guess it’s all about quality, not quantity. sniff.

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