Or is it TropiCoats?

Tropic Oats implying that these are very much island-inspired, splashing with caramelized banana (standard), toasted macadamian nuts, and lastly adorned with chilly mango and papaya chunks and doused with chewy coconut flakes!

Though, Tropi-Coats pertains to the fact this big bad bowl of good morning oats is a tidal wave of warm, beach weather heat. Brings you back to the island you visit nostalgically every so often, while wallowing in your desk everyday. It essentially ‘coats’ the pallet with flavors and memories from the coast.

TropicOats, TropiCoats?

TropicOats, TropiCoats?

Tropic Oats

Your favorite blend of oaty products (mine is steel cut + oatbran + wheat bran)

1 smashed banana

Enough water to cover the oats in your bowl

1. Microwave for 1 minute, stir, repeat twice for a total of 3 minutes


Chopped macadamian nuts

Coconut shreds

2. Toast your macs in a dry pan, then throw your coconut in a little later since they brown faster than the nuts. (Takes around 2-3 minutes)


Frozen mango

Frozen papaya

3. Take oats out of microwave and stir in the STILL FROZEN fruit chunks. They’ll defrost and the oats will set while you’re still waiting for those nuts and shreds in the pan.

4. Top your bowl off with the toasty toppings and enjoy!

Where’s my cabana boy? Hmmm


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