I know what it means to me, BUT to others, it’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.
I’m still young and therefore the idea of vegetarianism/veganism is completely foreign and unnecessary to my family, STILL.

*sigh, I certainly question why my family, unlike the number of reasonable people out there, are repelled to this lifestyle.

When I eat at my grandparents’ houses, it’s rude not to plop a helping of meat on my plate…in a sense, couldn’t that just be out of generosity that I don’t take it, so that there’s more for everyone else that actually wants it? Reason with me here, people! It’s not like I hiss at it.

And they always bring up the fact that I’m too skinny and I don’t need to lose anymore weight. -.- Not the point! Plus, my dad and I just so happen to be the “slimmest” and tallest in our kin….weird huh?

I comprehend the fact they care about my body’s maturing and well being, but I wish they would trust that I’m educated about this. I’ve survived on this lifestyle for almost two years now. And Paul McCartney is meatfree and kicks ass at his concerts even at his old age (no offense Paul!).

I feel like they’re the ones that need more educating than I do about vegetarianism. It certainly doesn’t help when they make remarks like “for every cow you save, I eat 3”, that make me feel like my purpose is being defeated and I’m powerless and can’t make a difference in their lives );

How did you cope? What did you tell your confused peers to assure them this was the right choice? What should I do?

I don’t want to cry at the dinner table….it’s happened before, but things still haven’t really changed because of it.

My mom cares, always asking me what my protein source for every meal will be. My dad overlooks it but is the biggest steak eater in the bunch (indifferent I guess).

But the thing that hurts me the most is that when my relatives put me and my diet down, my parents don’t defend me. In fact, they don’t say anything. I just have to look at them from behind watery eyes and try to keep an appetite.

  1. You’re making a difference just by living your life and being you! You’re making them think about veganism just by eating in the same room. Its hard when they don’t understand, but they’ll start to come around eventually!

  2. Megan said:

    aww, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about here. I have been veg for almost 7 years now and my family JUST started to whole-heartedly support me. As hard as it is, if you just stand strong in your convictions and sort of educate them little by little, they’ll see how important this is to you and they’ll come around. I have had to leave the table to cry SO many times… i think people really dont understand how hurtful the little things they say are. but don’t worry. they WILL come around. you’re making an impact on them whether you realize it or not.

    also, thank you for the super sweet comment on my last post 🙂 I responded in my comment section but I wanted to pay you a visit, too.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I think it is so cute!

    I have been eating semi-vegetarian and thinking about completely converting. I’m right with you..I think that it is better to eat closer to the Earth. 😀

    Sorry your family is giving you a hard time about your eating. I have the same problem sometimes, like if I turn down dessert or something…what is the big deal? Everybody should just let everyone else eat how they want to eat. Grrr! 😉 Hope things get better!!!

  4. Cha-cha said:

    My family does the same thing to me, too!
    It’s pretty upsetting, and I do lose my appetite and feel like crying when they make heartless comments like that.

    Be strong and know that your beliefs are your beliefs, no matter what people want to say about them.

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