Grillin Spree

Watch out! I leave my victims seared with parallel carmelized grill marks o_0!

This alert is only for the innocent veggies of my fridge’s crisper of course 😉

Signed, Grilled, Delivered I'm Yours!

Signed, Grilled, Delivered I'm Yours!

After going to the Getty Museum for Easter, I was inspired by their Balsamic Eggplant sandwich. But what was so special about it was that they spread olive tapenade onto the bread, on top of being just the most fabulous artsy little thing on whole wheat toast ever.

My Spin on the Getty’s Balsamic Eggplant Sandwich
1. Insert your favorite bread into your toaster set on a fairly high setting (Ezekiel’s Sesame bread forever! The way the little sesame seeds’ natural oils are released when toasted, is just otherworldly)
2. Fire up your grill pan on high heat for up to 3 minutes
3. Slice 1/2″ rounds of eggplant, halve a few baby bell peppers
4. Dredge in a mixture of balsamic vinegar and EVOO and place onto grill.
5. Let sear for a good 2-3 minutes on each side, sprinkle with a little s&p
6. Slather some jarred olive tapenade onto your tender slice of toast, top with some salad greens and the remaining vinegar marinade.
7. Kill the heat, slap on your grilled veggies, and indulge.

What’s your favorite brand of bread?


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