Wash it all down with some Milk

Hwhaaat (hehhehe Stewie [Family Guy!]) the devil are you talking about, Natalie? Milk + you? Now I thought you were lactose intolerant and trying to become vegan!

True! What I meant was, the movie Milk featuring Sean Penn, James Franco, and Emile Hirsch! That film was swelling with passion and warm heartedness. I bawled at the fact a beautiful man that rose above the masses to make a world wide problem known and led a fabulous life was murdered AND that humanity is still stuck in this enclosed mindset. It just erks me.

Anyhow, while I was witnessing his timeline unfold, I fixed myself up a sandwich

A Spicy Hummus Spinach, Microgreen, Cilantro, and Apple Pita-wich!

Spicy Hummus Spinach, Microgreen, Cilantro, and Apple Pita-Wich

Spicy Hummus Spinach, Microgreen, Cilantro, and Apple Pita-Wich

Yes, I learned to love and utilize Sabra’s hummus, woo!

Into a very toasty tender pita cut in half:

1. Slather desired hummus thusly

2. Carefully lay your smallest greens, such as the cilantro and microgreens (from Trader Joe’s, I feel so fancy using them)

3. Pack in the iron rich spinach

4. Slide apple slices (New York baby apples in this case) into pocket

Mmm, so many flavors compiled into one convenient carrying case, ahhh 🙂

This meal had a sidekick of Trader Joe’s Trekking the Himalayas Mix

TJ's Trekking the Himalayas Mix

TJ's Trekking the Himalayas Mix

It contained “roasted cashews, dry roasted pumpkin seeds, dry roasted melon seeds, green raisins, crispy goji berries, salt, rice bran oil.”

I’m usually not big on cashews, but Joe, you get me all the time! I don’t know how they do it. The pepitas were perfectly puffed and crisp, the melon seeds tasted like the offspring of pepitas and sunflower seeds, the green raisins didn’t have the deep flavor as regular raisins do but frankly I like them better! They were alot stickier to chew and not as prominently wrinkled. And when I was reading the ingredient list and the words ‘crispy’ and ‘goji berries’ were in the same context, I did a double take. They werent crispy so much as they were…tender? But they offered a seedy flowery taste. I bet they’d taste amazing all plumped up and reconstituted in some hot oats :)!

What’s your favorite blend of trail mix, either from your own genius head or Trader Joe’s selection?

    • necesseaties said:

      Try it, you’ll like it! I’m going to experiment with Granny Smiths

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