I just realized my lame Olympus camera can’t capture the essence of my recipes the way I’d like it to.
Bear with me! 😦
In the mean time, what do you want to find in your Easter basket?
My Easter’s gonna be a chilly, grey one this year. SoCal has such unpredictable weather I tell you!

  1. Celine said:

    you’re in SoCal too? woo!
    did you get some cool stuff in your basket? we didn’t celebrate here, but we’re never lacking in the way of chocolate-type stuff anyway, so I won’t complain.
    thanks for the comment about the new look! I’m playing around because I get bored too easily and too quickly. (sorry about this novel brought to you by too much caffeine.)

    • necesseaties said:

      Heck yeah I am! Situated in Ventura County. I actually didn’t get a basket :/ The fam and I went up to the Getty Museum, observed art, and we came home a little too late to prepare the infamous Easter feast. So we’re in the same boat as far as Easter festivities go!
      And don’t get me wrong, I love me a good novel!

  2. Megan said:

    the weather was a little sketchy in Malibu on Easter… whatev, it’s better now! and i had lots of chocolate and larabars in my easter basket to make up for it 🙂

    i.l-o-v-e. greek.yogurt. 😛

    • necesseaties said:

      LUCKY DUCK (the duck is the easter animal often swept to the side, aww). Chocolate and Larabars definitely beat your typical Peeps that don’t last long enough! And about Greek Yogurt, we should find a revolutionary way to veganize it!

  3. ally. said:

    Hey Natalie!
    ally from sweet soy vegan blog!
    well curry ketchup is a german condiment that my sister found out about years ago, i make my own
    by mixing about 1 tsp. of curry into about 1/4-1/3 cup organic ketchup.
    That’s all there is to it!
    I just dump a ton of curry powder into a fairly small amount of ketchup and then mix it around and put it on everything! It is amazing on black bean veggie burgers, or any veggie burger! and really great on the faux mac and cheez!!!!
    Hope your camera works out…so we can see some luscious vegan food!

    • necesseaties said:

      Yo Ally,
      Mmm sounds great! I MUST try it on my sweet potato fries or something. I wonder what bbq sauce + curry powder would taste like hm…

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